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Friday, April 03, 2009

Opportunities Abound

You don't need anyone else's permission or assistance to
create value. All it takes is the desire to make a

When you encounter a challenge, find a way through it. If
your first effort doesn't do the trick, make another effort,
and another, until success is yours.

You have a whole universe from which to draw energy and
resources. You have a deep and compelling purpose in which
you can find endless motivation.

Visualize your ideal destination and align your life in the
direction of success. Define precisely what success means to
you, and then state your specific intention to achieve that
very success.

Many have done it many times before, and so have you. Choose
again and again to achieve, and bring your special value to
the world.

This is a day when opportunities abound and possibilities
beckon. Joyfully and lovingly bring the best of them to

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