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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Listen, Learn, Question, Experience, Think, and Understand

Seek not only to know, but also to understand. In a world
that is awash in information, true understanding remains a
rare and precious treasure.

The knowledge and information you collect is indeed
valuable. The understanding you refine from that knowledge
can be priceless.

Information tells you what has happened. Understanding
enables you to know what will come as a result.

Understanding gives you a clear picture of opportunities
that others cannot even glimpse. The effort you put into
understanding brings great value to your life and your

Listen, learn, question, experience, think and understand.
Do the work that turns ordinary facts into golden wisdom.

Have the courage and discipline to think for yourself. And
out of the raw information will come real understanding.

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Wenny said...

Hi Mee Moe, I agree with you totally. Knowing is not enough without an understanding.

Mee mOe said...

Hi, Thanks for dropping by, sometimes I wonder if anyone even reads my

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