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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Indeed Make It Real

From people who have difficult problems, innovations are
born. From people who are bored and dissatisfied, creativity

Great accomplishments do not come from people who wait until
conditions are perfect. Great accomplishments come from
those who are determined to begin working, right here and
right now, to make things better.

Even in the deepest adversity, life's immense value persists
and endures. From that adversity, great strength can grow.

It is when times are difficult that you most profoundly
realize how great life can be. It is when life's best
possibilities are impossibly far away that you can
comprehend their magnificent brilliance.

Life's burdens provide a unique and powerful vantage point.
In the midst of those burdens, not only can you see the way
forward, you become fully committed to making the best
possibilities real.

From the vantage point of adversity, chart your course to a
life that's richer than anything you've yet known. And feel
the power as you do

Indeed make it real.

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