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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Best you can imagine

Can you imagine transforming your greatest frustrations into
valuable and lasting accomplishments? When you can imagine
it, you have what's necessary to begin to do it.

Some of life's greatest achievements come from understanding
what's holding you back and acting to turn it around. There
is great transforming energy in frustration, and that power
is just waiting to be put to good and positive use.

Each weakness is an opportunity to develop new strength.
Every disappointment can help build your desire and
commitment to success.

Many great fortunes have been created by those who were able
to turn around difficult and challenging situations. What
valuable opportunities for turnaround exist in your own life
right now?

There is always much room for improvement. The frustrations,
shortcomings, pains and annoyances clearly point the way for
improving your life and your world.

Instead of regretting or complaining about what's wrong,
choose to make positive use of what is. And transform life
into the

best you can imagine.

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