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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The life that's right for you

There is a very small gap that can separate you from the
fulfillment of your most treasured dreams. Fortunately, that
gap is entirely of your own making and you have what it
takes to get across it.

Life's abundance swirls around you in every moment, and it
seems close enough to touch. The possibilities just keep on
coming, day after day, filled with the promise of

Yet to live that abundance, and to make the best of those
possibilities real, you must take an active role. Life can
be anything you make of it, yet you must be the one who
makes it happen.

The way to bridge the gap, and to bring your dreams to life,
is to act on them. Take positive, productive, effective
action every opportunity you get, day after day and year
after year.

Take an active role in the wonder of your own life. Shape it
and build it and enjoy the process of fine-tuning every
aspect of it so that you're living precisely the life that's
right for you.

Take full responsibility for all that you experience. And
what you experience will be truly meaningful.

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