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Monday, April 08, 2013

Calm and Peaceful Spirit

You can be determined without being frantic. You can be powerfully purposeful without thrashing around and bouncing off the walls.

Let your sense of determination come not from fear, but from love. Focus your energy not on what you wish to avoid, but on what you intend to create.

In a calm and peaceful spirit there is great power. When driven by a positive purpose, you'll always have the energy to move forward.

There may certainly be situations you detest, that you wish to move quickly away from. Yet when that is your only focus, when you're constantly looking backwards, you're more likely to stumble.

Choose where you do want to be, what you do want to experience and the life you do want to lead. Make your goals positive, and your actions will be immensely more effective.

Be calmly and persistently determined to achieve what you have chosen to achieve. And you'll find ways to put every day, and every circumstance, to work in your favor.
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