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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Experience Joy

Whether you're ninety years old, or seventeen years old, or forty-five years of age, you have the exact same time available to you. You have this moment.

You have the opportunity to live with all the richness you can imagine. You have the chance to start something new, to experience joy, and to give love.

No one has more, and no one has less. This moment is now here for all to live, especially including you.

Any pain or sadness you may feel is only near the surface. Go deeper, and experience the magnificent beauty that lives at the heart of you.

From the timeless perspective of that beauty and goodness, worry is just plain silly. As urgent and compelling as the issues of the moment may seem to be, the value that your life encompasses is so very much more.

You cannot lose, because you are. Right now, fully live all the beauty and wonder of the miracle that is you.
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