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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Give Yourself Permission


How exactly would you like to feel right now? Give yourself permission to go ahead and feel that way.

It may seem that you need a certain situation or possession or person in your life before you can feel the way you wish to feel. Yet the truth is that you can feel whatever you choose to feel at any time, in any place.

You already know how to feel happy, or thankful, or loved, or inspired. So go ahead and let yourself feel the way you wish to feel, right here, right now.

It's great when others offer encouragement to you, but you can also feel encouraged all by yourself. It is wonderful when someone expresses love to you, yet you can also feel the power of love even when you are alone.

There is no need to wait or to beg or to compromise yourself in order to attain a certain feeling. All you must do is choose to feel the way you wish to feel.

Go ahead and feel what you truly want to feel. And the power of authentic purpose will move your whole world forward.

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