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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quality of your life

You have the opportunity to respond to whatever happens in
your world. And the way you respond determines the quality
of your life.

What matters most is not what happens to you. What matters
most is the way you respond.

You can respond any way you choose. So choose those
positive, empowering responses that will move your life

It may seem in certain situations that a negative response
is the only possible response, and yet that is never the
case. Always, a positive response is just as possible, just
as realistic, and a whole lot more beneficial.

Get clear on your purpose and know your intentions. Respond
to whatever happens in a way that moves your life in the
direction you have chosen to go.

For the opportunity to craft your own response to each event
in life is indeed the opportunity to set the direction of
your life. Remember always that you have a choice, and use
that choice to add great value to your world.

mee mOe

Picture taken by me of downtown Chico,
the little town in which I live in.

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