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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Something Beautiful

Ask yourself this. What is beautiful about what just

There's something positive to be gleaned from everything
that happens. Make it your mission to find that positive

It's a waste of time to wish that things had happened
differently. Instead, use your energy to cast the present
situation in an empowering light.

Tap into the value that is in this very moment, in this very
situation. Find the beauty in what is, and build upon it.

Always remember that your response does not have to be
dictated only by the nature of what just happened. Craft
your response so that it moves you in the direction you have
chosen to move.

Something beautiful and enriching just happened. Choose to
see it, and live life fully and richly on your own positive

mee mOe

Picture of my youngest daughter
at the coast Northern California
off hwy 1

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