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Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodness remains


Goodness is here, now, today in unending abundance. Open your
heart and know it.

Much of the world's pain arises from the failure to fully
appreciate life's goodness. Yet goodness will always outlive
the pain.

Peacefully let go of fear and anger, resentment and anxiety.
Goodness remains.

Feel the longing for goodness that lives always within you.
Let it drive your thoughts and actions, and you'll create
more of the very goodness you seek.

Focus on those parts of your life that resonate with your
deepest purpose. See the true beauty that is alive and
growing in your world.

Hold life's goodness securely in your heart. Move forward
with confidence, knowing it is always there.

mee mOe

This picture was taken in my
backyard, my cherry tomatoes 6/2009.

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