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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Beautiful Reality

What can you do to give life substance and meaning? How can
you express the unique miracle of your existence?

The deepest purpose you feel, drives every other purpose in
your life. Allow that ever-abiding, timeless purpose to be
fully nourished by your actions.

See the beautiful reality that is hidden by nothing more
than the shallow distractions of your mind. Feel the energy
of life as it flows through your every experience.

Welcome each moment as it arises. Live the treasure that
comes with every day.

Celebrate this day for the one-of-a-kind miracle that it is.
Grab the possibilities and make the world sparkle with your
special light.

Let go of your inhibitions and allow your purpose to make
its beautiful and powerful presence known. Breathe in the
sweet air of true fulfillment.

mee mOe

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