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Monday, March 17, 2008

When you're truly honest with yourself

It's easy to blame someone else for your troubles. Yet when
you're truly honest with yourself, it's clear that blaming
someone else will not add the slightest bit of value to your

It seems fair and reasonable to expect your problems to be
solved by the people who caused them, but stop and think
about it. Do you really wish to give those people who caused
your problems any additional control over your life and your

To move your life in the direction you choose to go, you
must be willing to take full responsibility for it. That
means moving past what's easy and accepting that things are
not always going to be fair.

Perhaps life has given you a burden you don't deserve.
Instead of seeing that as an excuse to give up, see it as an
opportunity to give more.

Though you may not have brought the troubles upon yourself,
you can nevertheless make positive use of them. Choose to
take full responsibility for your own situation, and you'll
begin to see how you can rise from it to a level that's
higher than ever before.

Real success does not result from everything going
perfectly. Real success comes when you're willing to move
forward no matter what may happen.

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