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Friday, March 07, 2008

Hidden Links

Hidden links;

I'm a little slow at acknowledging most anything so if this is no news to you, I thought I'd just post it anyways...for those who are as slow as me.

Hidden links to most people are links that are white on white, referring to white link upon white background on blogs or sites and these are the links you should steer clear of. Why ? because the link within itself is another link...easily said? well, there’s nothing bad about changing the style or and color of a link to some degree, BUT...if you view the page source on other sites and or blogs, you'll see a hidden porn site or you may not see a type virus link. So if you do the "Mouse-Over action" you won't see that it goes anywhere, the style of the link is set so that the cursor doesn't change when the mouse goes over the link. This link crosses over into deceptiveness and violates guidelines.

Today, during several occasions I have run into litmus test for paid links, and how to tell if paid link violates search engines guidelines. Google quality guidelines are more concerned in with the machine-readable aspect of disclosure paid links, but the Federal Trade Commission has said that "human-readable disclosure" is important to.

To be safe, go with both "human-readable disclosure" and "machine-readable disclosure"to. Difference between "Human" and "Machine" readable disclosure? is ...word of mouth (Human), Capable of being read by a computer. (Machine). OK...I think I rest for now, my head is about ready to a very good weekend !!!


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