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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Positive purpose

The obstacles you encounter rarely have a coherent purpose of
their own. They are just there, inconvenient and troublesome
to be sure, but with nothing of substance to sustain them.

You, on the other hand, have the extreme advantage of being
able to choose and follow a definite purpose. By so doing,
instead of randomly scattering your energy and efforts, you
can sharply focus and powerfully concentrate all that
energy, all those efforts in a consistent direction.

Soft, gentle raindrops falling over a wide area will always
yield to the contours and obstructions of the landscape. Yet
when those tiny drops of water are concentrated into a
mighty river, they have the power to cut through any

In the same way, when your thoughts, feelings and actions
are centered around a clear and consistent purpose, nothing
can hold you back. The random and disjointed exertions of
circumstance are no match for a living and unwavering

The problems, the frustrations, the challenges and the
difficult situations come and go. A steadfast, meaningful
purpose will carry you successfully through them all.

Give your life a decided advantage over all the burdensome
circumstances you encounter. Live each moment in the service
of the highest and most positive purpose you can imagine.

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