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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Go ahead...Imagine

You are blessed, right here and right now, with the miracle
that is your life. With magnificent abundance swirling all
around you, the possibilities are more numerous than can be

Yes, the setbacks and disappointments can be acutely
painful. And yet the only reason you're able to feel the
pain is because you know that joy and fulfillment are always

There is no limit to the potential that is in this moment.
For in this moment you can put your highest, most treasured
values into action.

In this moment, you have a choice. And you have all that is
necessary to follow that choice.

In this moment you can choose to benefit from a lifetime of
learning, experience, dreams and longings. All that has
brought you to this day is yours to make use of in
fulfilling your best possibilities.

Every bit of energy you sense around you can be focused in
the service of the most wonderful possibilities you can
imagine. Go ahead, imagine, and bring those possibilities to

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