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Friday, July 11, 2008

Positive act

You can make a positive difference right now. It may be
small, it may not seem to matter, but it does matter very

Even if the only thing you improve is your attitude, you've
done a great deal. For once you have a positive outlook and
a positive momentum, you'll find even more ways to make your
world a better place.

No matter what your history or your situation may be, you
can make a positive difference.
Start with something in your
own life, and you'll soon see how you can spread the value
to others.

It's easy to become mired in the constant pronouncements and
predictions of doom and gloom. But the fact is, you can
point your life in whatever direction you choose.

A small positive act is enough to get you started. Keep
and there's no limit to the richness you can create.

This moment will quickly pass whether you make use of it or
not. Use it to make a positive difference, and see for
yourself how many great possibilities suddenly appear.

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