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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let it be so in you

In this moment you are free to live without limitation. You
are able, through the whole of your being, to express who
you truly are.

Everything that is now, is here to fulfill your most
profound purpose. Positive possibilities stretch out far
beyond the horizon in every direction.

As moment passes into moment, new substance and richness are
A goodness that is already beyond measure, grows.

You can choose to focus upon what seem to be limits and then
become a slave to those perceived limitations. Or you can
let go of your resistance, and let the ineffable
magnificence of being flow through you.

This moment demands nothing from you. Yet when you grasp
just a small fraction of what this moment offers, you'll
rush to give it all you have.

Life is fresh and new and begins all over again right now.
Let it be so in you.

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