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Friday, June 06, 2008

Continually Convincing Yourself

The most challenging part of any achievement is continually
convincing yourself to keep working on it. When you are
truly convinced to do it, you will take the necessary
actions to make it happen.

Give yourself a compelling reason to achieve, stay connected
to that reason, and you will indeed achieve. You can be
magnificently effective when you choose to be.

If there are things you must know, you can learn them. If
there are resources you must have, you can locate them.

Convince yourself to achieve, and you will find a way. Life
unfolds in accordance with your most powerful and meaningful

It is helpful to be able to persuade others, yet the most
important person you must convince is you. Unless you
sincerely convince yourself, no amount of persuasion of
other people will be able to move you forward.

Convince yourself that what you are doing is right and
worthwhile. Then delight in the fulfilling journey of making
it happen.

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