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Friday, July 13, 2012

Possibilities Possible

Freedom is what makes the very best possibilities possible.
It is truly a treasure that nothing else can replace.

Freedom does not guarantee any specific result, and that is
in fact its beauty. Instead, freedom gives you the priceless
opportunity to create your own results.

Freedom taps into the awesome power of each unique
individual. Freedom is the fertile ground from which
magnificent achievements spring forth with unceasing vigor.

The demands of freedom are great. To live with freedom
requires effort and discipline, commitment and sacrifice.

Yet the rewards of freedom are even greater. For in freedom
you truly become the best you can be.

Resolve today, and every day, to make the most of the
precious freedom that is yours

mee mOe

mee mOe

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Elle said...

That was indeed a very interesting post! Great job!

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