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Monday, July 09, 2012

Quickly and Decisively Forward

Give yourself a good enough reason and you can get yourself
to do whatever must be done. Give yourself a meaningful
enough reason why, and it will happen.

Make yourself an offer that you can't refuse. Give yourself
a reason that you cannot resist.

In an instant you can go from apathetic and unmotivated to
enthusiastic and energetic. All you have to do is find that
raw nerve of authentic desire, and touch it.

Allow yourself to want what you really want. Then allow
yourself to be driven by that desire.

Every possibility is open to you. Latch on to one so
positive and compelling that it won't leave you alone until
you make it happen.

Give yourself a good enough reason and you'll give yourself
plenty of motivation. Give yourself a good enough reason and
you'll have no trouble moving quickly and decisively

photo taken by mOe

mee mOe

mee mOe

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