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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Give yourself a goal

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a goal. Make it
meaningful, make it exciting, make it challenging and then
make it happen.

Set your goal a little bit beyond what you already know you
can do. Then when you reach it you'll not only have the
achievement, you'll also have an increased level of

As long as you're making the effort to live this day, give
it a purpose. Give yourself a goal, and transform fleeting
time into lasting accomplishment.

From where you are, you can go anywhere. One by one, the
goals you set will get you there.

Working steadily and persistently toward a goal will
energize all aspects of your life and bring the awesome
power of focus to your efforts. There's truly no feeling
quite like it.

Challenge yourself forward with a great and meaningful goal.
Give yourself a goal, and make yourself some real treasure.

mee mOe

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