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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Make it Happen

Can you define easy? What makes one task easy and another
task difficult?

What one person considers difficult another person finds to
be easy. In fact, difficult and easy are largely what you
define them to be.

Do you see certain accomplishments as out of reach because
you assume that they're too difficult? Perhaps it's worth
looking again, knowing that you have the power to decide
what is difficult and what is easy.

When you take it easy, then you have the power to make it
easy. When you make it easy, then you can get it done.

Though the job may be complicated and challenging and
demanding, you can choose to make it easy by the way you
think of it. Instead of avoiding what you assume to be
difficult, you can dive right in to what you decide is easy.

Choose with your own thoughts to make it easy. And you'll
choose to make it happen.

mee mOe

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