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Friday, September 07, 2007

Worker's comp. (how it is ruining my life)

Welcome to my blog
I have an interesting topic to discuss; some of you might think it's boring, but the others that are in the same category with this topic may interest you amazingly.
I have drawn a chart or if you want to call it a diagram, how a work injury can lead to be a disaster. Working with doctors , adjusters, attorneys , secretaries, disability , and more doctors , has become more of a pain than my injury. It causes stress anxiety and depression , loss of appetite nausea and all of it leads to more extreme pain. My diagram shows a cycle of how all this ends up.
The original injury began to pain so your prescribed pain medications, and then working and tell the pain gets to be extreme, and ends up with your loss of your job. The loss of your job causes depression, stress , because of your income lowered, loss of sleep , because of the worry of paying bills and pain. Stress and depression causes tension , which causes more pain , which competes the purpose of helping me. You lose your appetite . so therefore , you lose weight and can't think of food while dealing with stress , depression the loss of your job, and to have to deal with your attorney, doctors, adjusters, secretaries, disability , and more doctors. Marijuana should be considered, it helps with stress, appetite, tension, nausea, vomiting and anxiety.
The next part is about me;
Workers comp has tried to deny a lot of my medications , and they Wanna know 20 years of my history before my injury , and how often I was on disability. I don't quite know why they would Wanna know 20 years of my history of injuries, but I don't have too many, I had my tonsils out when I was 32, I had my tubes tied when I was 30, and I had back surgery in 1999 of October (I thought that I recovered quite quickly, I was up and working within four months). I was on disability with all my children .( I have three by the way) , but I was only on disability for three months. I have worked extremely hard for 21 years as a nurse I very rarely called in sick . I was dedicated to my patience (and typing this makes me depressed & makes me miss my job).
My income has dropped drastically when I'm used to have a money at least $10 in my wallet , and now , I couldn't even find a nickel if I wanted to. Thanks to all my friends , that have helped me extremely, and appreciate all of them keeping in touch with me. I know I'm not one for returning messages , because I am so extremely busy on my new project. I will be letting you know what I am up to, piece by piece. The great thing about it, is that I'll be working with my oldest daughter Jill and to me . that's more exciting than making any money. I love all of you that returned to my site to my site to read my BLOG.
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