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Sunday, September 09, 2007

My space, Face book etc.

Tracffic areas are in , and yahoo360 etc people, including, famil, friends or online friends go to these sites to take away of boredom or they become addicted
I seem to enjoy face book because it is easier to load pages and you can ad your own disscussion groups have many friends on all of these sites.

I've been trying very hard most of My life to make life simple, without working to hard and making a lot of money, then I came across advertisting in your blogs and sense blogging is one of My favorite things to do, I decided that This would be the perfect job for me I can write poetry or stories into My blogs and make money at the same time just getting started on This so check back with me on My info, I posted a couple of videos into My other blogs, so go ahead and read them, comment on them and I'll know if I'm doing anything wrong or out of line.

फ्प">फ्प face book is a site where you can create groups or search for groups, most the people I have chatted to on face book though face book groups have been very kind. I've only had an account for a couple months.

http://www।myspace।com/ I've had a My space account for a couple yrs and I've met some wonderful people there, also you can blog peotry like I do into there blog section, if your into writting, This is a great place to get noticed.

उस" href=" 360 is a lot of fun, there is so many sweet and kind people there and most of them are funny, I've always enjoyed the site. you can build your website, changing colors and exchanging pictures.

http://www।friendster।com/ I don't know to much about Friendster, its probably the same site face book is and My space.

http://answers।yahoo।com/ Yahoo answers is a place to answer questions, meet new friends, and ask silly or important questions, it rates your questions and answers and its just plain fun to try a be the top of the list for answering and asking questions, check it out.

I will be posting more about friendship website and blogs next time, come back to visit me.



Vanishing fear

Your thoughts are what frighten you. Choose to change them, and the fear is gone.