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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I don't know where I've been

Lost and not wanting to be found

Tuck into the mist of illusions in my mind

Hole in my heart

Filled with cotton balls

Tears that down pourLike a waterfall

My soul has just been released

I now can just breathe

Stuck into a muck

Without any paddles

In a boat that is starting to sink

I'll find my way

The struggle is tuff

After all of my emotions

Whirled around my mind

I've been miss led

But I see a light

That's brighter than before

My heart still aches

And my soul is still wounded

I scream and shout

That the end will come soon

My heart will heal

And that's when I'll breathe



Vanishing fear

Your thoughts are what frighten you. Choose to change them, and the fear is gone.