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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take the first step now

The time is right, right now. Stop waiting and start doing.

When you have the thought to make a difference, act on it.
Live out your dreams by putting your ideas quickly into

When you are truly and fully committed to a specific
outcome, it will happen. Taking action is what authenticates
and locks in your commitment.

Once you begin to take action, you've made an investment.
The more of your time and energy and focus you invest, the
more you'll be motivated to see it through no matter what.

Momentum is essential to any achievement. Taking action is
your way to create that momentum.

As soon as you decide to do it, begin to do it. Take the
first step now, and you're well on your way to whatever
destination you choose.

mee mOe

My oldest daughter
Jill's dog Dodger.

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