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Monday, September 14, 2009

Give of yourself

Be happy to give of yourself, and you'll be happy. Be happy
to make the effort, and you'll be happy.

Be happy about working through the challenges, and you'll be
happy. Be happy for the opportunity to transform problems
into achievements, and you'll be happy.

Happiness does not come when you try to obtain it. Happiness
is a quality that you can choose to add to any experience.

Happiness does not come from arranging your circumstances in
a certain way. Rather, happiness is a very powerful,
effective and delightful way to relate to any set of

Be happy to be living this moment. And not only will you be
happy, you'll also be creative and effective and
purposefully focused.

Choose to add your very own happiness to the ups and downs
and ins and outs of life. Be happy for no reason and for
every reason, and experience life at its best
mee mOe

My oldest daughter and her son
Christmas 2008

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