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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Within you is life

There are so many different aspects of life that you cannot
ever experience them all. And therein lies the beauty of

With each dawning day comes a fresh new set of
possibilities. The more you choose to experience, the more
there is remaining to experience.

As you contemplate all that you know, you create new avenues
of contemplation. The more intensely you explore, the more
new territory you open up for further exploration.

There is no end to that territory of experience. For each
possibility leads surely to a whole new universe of

Within you is life that ever yearns to know itself more
fully. Every moment is an opportunity for new and unique

The essence of beauty is that there is no limit to the way
that beauty can be, no limit to the form that beauty can
take. Now is the moment to experience beauty in a way that
it has never been known before.

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