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Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Joy of Being

Most of the things that annoy you and frustrate you are not really that important. Step back, get your bearings, and look at the big picture.

Much of what you think you need, you don't really even want. Imagine being free of all that unnecessary needing.

In every moment, in any situation, you can feel deep and genuine love. You can find spectacular beauty in the smallest, simplest things.

You can experience the joy of being. You can think and act and express your unique vision in countless ways, no matter what the circumstance.

No matter how painful or difficult the moment may be, there is always much to truly treasure. Remember to remember that, and turn your focus toward the treasure, toward the beauty, toward the joy of simply being.

Allow that joy, and notice how much stronger it makes you feel. Whatever else is going on, now is a beautiful time to be alive.

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