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Friday, March 30, 2012

Transform your love

You can transform your world in an instant by the way you
choose to see it. You can change problems into
opportunities, anxiety into enthusiasm, and despair into

The quality of what you see depends on the perspective from
which you see it. And that perspective is entirely up to

Instead of reacting again and again to the chaotic ups and
downs of circumstance, you have a more powerful choice. You
can choose to live from a constant and unassailable
perspective of love.

Instead of fighting against most of what happens, you can
choose to be lifted higher by all that happens. From a
perspective of love you'll see the positive possibilities in
every situation.

The way to live from love is to be completely and wholly
honest with yourself. In the pure truth of who you are and
what you sincerely value, is the limitless power of that

Allow you to be truly you. And let the power of love color
your world.

mee mOe

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